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Have a chat with asianicole82 - Natural Healing and Clairvoyance in Leuven today. 10-15 years of experience in Clairvoyance. This Weekend Special!!! I am giving readings at a special price of 3.99. Need clarity? speak with an experienced Reader that can channel energy for the best, most honest, awakening reading of your life ! ~~~~~Hello Souls~~~~~ God is Good..I give Him all the Glory! Amen ~~~Who/What am I?~~~I am Asia Nicole. I am many things, such as spiritual counselor and psychic medium, but my main purpose on this planet is to Heal negative, unwanted energies. So I am an Energy Reader and Healer. ~~~About my gift~~~ My gift is unique as are all. However, mine is different in the sense that I can look into your situation to help you get clarity through my energy reading, visions, angelic / spiritual messages. I also am filled with empathy because not only am I an empath; I have been lost and in need of answers, so I understand how you feel. That intuition from being an empath lets me feel what you are feeling so that I can guide you out of unhealthy situations. But, my strongest most powerful and effective God given ability is to Heal unwanted, counterproductive energies that have taken you from your life's true path and purpose. It is this gift that will set you free from old bondage if you are willing to open up and let it go. ~~~My Background~~~ I have been gifted all my life but refused to see my great gifts. I chose to walk in fear and self doubt because old beliefs made me think that my gift was a curse to be so different and misunderstood so I fought myself for many years. Then, I finally truly accepted my gift and myself in November 2011 and God has been working on me ever since. I am naturally a motivator from birth, so even before now my intuition and motivational skills have helped countless people. I do believe that my gift is genetic. I also believe many of my family members are gifted, although they did not use the gift for public their intuition was very accurate. Therefore, my natural skills plus learned abilities make me the most effective reader. ~~~In Private~~~ You will have the most healing experience of your life. In fact, everything you receive will help you gain the clarity, strength, and courage to take control of your life. The clarity to see your next step, then the strength to take that step out on faith to leave toxic situations, and the courage to follow your convictions. You will feel more in control as you start to say what you mean and mean what you say to those in your world. Then, energy space will open up and you will see health improvements, love improvements, and financial improvements. You will also gain clarity on whatever issue you have, no topic is off limits. So if there is something you are confused or troubled about you will have answers after we speak. Don't hesitate the answers that you need are right here Today! I start privates with an energy cleansing prayer and then I receive whatever is coming up for you to know and you will also get a past, present , future card reading that further gives you confirmation on the right steps to take tailor made just for your situation. ~~~Free Chat~~~ Free chat is fun. The conversation will always be light yet motivational. I love to help so I will always give uplifting words of wisdom to apply to daily life. Also, to open energy connections and conversation I may answer 1 question with an angel card or yes/no, but any details or specific guidance on a subject is a reading and a private is necessary. ~~~Rules/Guidelines/ Pricing~~~ I give respect so please while in my room give respect also. There are NO readings given in free chat if you really need answers please take me to private. 1 question per guest as more than one is a reading. Demos are given to the one that energy speaks the loudest needing a message the most. If there are many I will draw numbers. but still based on the energy I feel. These will always be a 1 card draw but I will give details unlike the regular pulling of cards in free chat that no details are given outside of the card's answer. My readings are priced at 5.99. I have been elevated to healer and the energy connection is more powerful because of the healing taking place. Trust me, the energy flowing through me is of God the Most High I love and serve him always. My duty is to give my gift to the world and this is the forum God has chosen for me. You will receive my healing vibrations plus my intuition , visions, or any other messages I receive about the subject. Therefore, you will be getting help from all the angels I work very closely with Archangel Michael. So I glean all my insight from him, my guides and of course the Big Man himself plus you will get a 3 card reading on past, present and future. I also do email readings at 14.99. In these you will briefly introduce yourself and the other in the situation then email your issue/question I will then send you a 3 card reading on past, present and future with details and instructions on your next best steps to take regarding this issue you have. My readings are always the Truth and nothing but the Truth, that means you may not always get what you want to hear but you will always get what you NEED to hear. Also please leave feedback about your wonderdul experience ~~~Loving Notes~~~ Let me help you begin to heal your heart in a one on one reading today! ~~~ Believe in yourself because you are Great and God loves You! ~~Everyone is on their own path to freedom, I AM the light at the end of the tunnel.. from God~ thru me~ to You with love always Amen ~~~~~~~~~~~~~Love To You~~~~~~~~~~~ God Certified Healer at your service

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